I'm a car photographer, have been since 1990 [where's that time gone..?].
It's great fun, I love it.
As a kid in the late 60's early '70's I was obsessed with cars, I'd be asking my dad as we drove somewhere "what kind of car is that?" You'd find me hunched over pieces of paper drawing them from the latest Wheels magazine, watching the Bathurst 1000 on T.V and drawing them. How could I be anything else.
I'm based in Melbourne, Australia. My academic achievements run to a degree in fine art photography completed way back in the Eighties.
I shoot locally but also work in China and India. It's so fun meeting and working with people from cultures other than my own. To make friends and work creatively across language barriers is hugely rewarding. 
When I'm not shooting I'm enjoying time with my wife, our teenage twins and our demanding boxer Juno, life is full of family, sport [Go Cats] beach and skiing.
Cheers Darren
+61 411 224 777

Thank you!
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